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Grateley Primary School

Grateley Primary School

Queen Elizabeth II

In our class today we have been discussing the sad loss of our wonderful Queen Elizabeth II. Below are some comments from the children about how they feel about this day as well as incredible moments from her life.  

'She was really life-lifting' - Jude

'I had a party at my house to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee' - Daniel

'A big feast outside on the playground for her Platinum Jubilee' - Pheobe

'She sent me a letter after her Platinum Jubilee' - Izzy

'She was 96 when she died' - Frankie

'She used to visit Balmoral castle in Scotland every Summer' - Rebecca

'She has 4 corgis' - Jasper

'When she was young sh used to play football in front of the guards' - Olivia

'The Queen is helpful' - Charlotte

'She was really strong and powerful' - Riley

'She did a speech every Christmas' - Milly

'She helped the country lots' Harley

'She was 26 when she became Queen' - Georgia

'She met Winston Churchill' - Zak

'She was the heart of Britain' - Angus

'She was our Queen for 70 years' - Kaitlyn

'She visited over 100 countries' - Kallan

'She was born in 1926' - Maddie

'She was never meant to be Queen' - Chloe

'She was the longest reigning monarch in British history' - Jack

'She always wore the best matching outfits! She was a real treasure and will be sorely missed by many' - Miss Stanley