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Grateley Primary School

Grateley Primary School

Team Building Skills

On Thursday afternoon, Adamson took part in some team building activities in preparation for Sports Day next week.

The first task we were given was to get the whole class in age order, whilst standing on one part of the Trim Trail. We had to work as a team to make sure that no-ones feet ended up touching the ground. 

We were very excited about our next team building task, as it involved Lego! We had to get into groups of 3, where we all had an assigned role.

  • The Architect held the building instructions, and was responsible for letting the others know which bricks were required (supplier) and how to put them together (builder).
  • The Supplier held the LEGO® bricks necessary to assemble the LEGO® model, and was responsible for supplying the builder with the correct pieces and at the correct time.
  • The Builder was responsible for taking the individual pieces from the supplier, and putting the pieces together, according to the instructions given by the architect, to create the model.

We  quickly learnt that we had to give clear and precise instructions in order for us to make our models.