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Grateley Primary School

Grateley Primary School

Assessment at Grateley

Early Years Foundation Stage

In the first year of school, children in Year R are tracked using the Foundation Stage Profile using tracking and profile software.  Information from this is shared both at parents' evenings and in the end of year report to parents.

Years One to Six

In years one to six the school has adopted the Hampshire Assessment Model (HAM) for reading, writing and mathematics.  This involves teachers continuously drawing upon day to day teaching and assessment which reveals pupils’ understanding and misconceptions.  Teachers will periodically focus on key parts of the curriculum, rather than looking at the whole curriculum every time and make a judgment based on tracking progress over time for example, against a milestone expectation in November, February, April and end of year mastery in May-July.  It is aimed at ensuring the timely acquisition of knowledge, skills and concepts in order that as many pupils as possible have the opportunity to deepen learning rather than to accelerate progress superficially.

Milestones set increasing expectations of fluency, complexity of context and independence.  Each milestone assessment should review to what extent the pupil has deepened their understanding of the previous phase.  Each time teachers should be expecting previously reviewed phase objectives to have been more fluently used and applied.  This information is then used to track the progress of individuals and cohorts, and gives an opportunity to re-focus on areas of relative weakness.  Each milestone sets a standard that needs to be sufficiently met in all domains of the subject.

Information from assessments shared informally at parents' evening and in more formally in the end of year reports to parents.