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Grateley Primary School

Grateley Primary School

Day 2: Tuesday 21st February 2023

Following a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast, we embarked on our first activities of the day- nightline and canoeing. Nightline was where we were blindfolded and had to use a rope to navigate our way through a variety of obstacles, which included tyres, tunnels and trees! It was exciting to be blindfolded and using our other senses to help us. Canoeing was amazing and lots of fun, everybody loved it! With two canoes fixed together, we all avoided an early bath! We traversed along the local canal, which was very peaceful and created a sense of calm.

After lunch, we enjoyed an afternoon of team tasks and crate stacking. The team tasks involved us standing on planks and organising ourselves into age order, birthdays and shoe size without stepping off the plank. Every time someone stepped off, we had to restart the activity! We also had to balance on a huge seesaw, whilst playing different team games. Crate stack was lots of fun too. Everyone had different roles, some of us were harnessed to a rope climbing the stacks; some of us were builders building the stacks; and some of us were harnessed to a rope to secure the stacks. The stacks grew really tall; at the end the builders pushed the stack and the climbers were dangling (securely) in the sky. It was fantastic to see everyone challenge themselves throughout the activity.

The evening entertainment is a selection of games, which will finish off a day packed with fun and activity. 

Tomorrow will be another fantastic day of adventure. We are looking forward to seeing Mrs Dance, Mrs Grey and Mr Shields (Governor) who will be paying us a visit tomorrow afternoon.