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Grateley Primary School

Grateley Primary School

Day 3: Wednesday 22nd February 2023

Today has been another jam-packed day of adventure. This morning we embarked on shelter building and archery. We made shelters using tarpaulin and forest furniture. Archery was great; we even had a competition between the teachers and us! A few of us even managed to get a bullseye!  This afternoon, Mrs Dance, Mrs Grey and Mr Shields arrived to find half of us climbing up a tall tower and half of us transporting Mr Happy (a stuffed toy) through the low ropes course without dropping him! Climbing was a highlight of the day; once we got to the top (or whatever height we felt most comfortable with), we were given a 'wedgie' so that we could sit into our harness and abseil back down to the ground. Those of us on the ground were supporting with the ropes and making sure that those of us on the wall were safe.

Tonight's activity is camp fire-Mrs Dance arrived with marshmallows, so we are all set for a fun evening.

Miss Stanley gave Mrs Dance a memory stick with lots of photos from the past few days. Tomorrow she will be creating a gallery so that you can see all the fantastic activities so far!