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Grateley Primary School

Grateley Primary School

Day 4: Thursday 23rd February 2023

Today was our last full day at Runways End and what a day we have had!

The first activities of the day were caving and the vertical gym. Caving involved us navigating three different tunnels that were very narrow and dark!  In the vertical gym, there were three horizontal towers, a ladder, netting and then tyres that we had to climb up, down and through! It was very tricky, as we needed to use our upper body strength to pull ourselves up.

The last activities of the day were bush craft and shooting. Bush craft was lots of fun because there was a pot that we put on top of a fire that we had made, and we filled a kelly kettle to make hot chocolate and to roast some more marshmallows. Shooting was fun too. We learnt all about the different parts of the gun, how to stay safe when using one, and then we got the opportunity to shoot at different targets and played some team games.

Tonight, after dinner, we will be relaxing with a film (we have chosen Despicable Me 2) ready for the final morning adventures and our journey back to school and our families. We cannot wait to see everyone!